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How to increase the processes efficiency and reduce the lead time for complex production of pumping and compressor equipment by implementing an ERP system. Experience of the HMS Group.

Join us to learn about the below topics:

  • How the challenges of the industry affect the management of complex machinery manufacturing
  • How to increase the machinery holding operational efficiency by ERP-system implementation
  • How to build an effective information system in the machinery holding
  • Why it’s important to transform processes and which processes need to be changed first
  • Why it’s important to optimize supply chain management

Date and time of the webinar: October 14th, 12:00 Moscow time

Participation in the webinar is free on condition to prior registration.

The event is completed
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Event program:

Challenges of the industry and difficulties of the management of complex machinery manufacturing -Vladimir Kapustin, IPL Consulting CEO

Benefits of using ERP Infor LN in machinery holding -Vladimir Kapustin, IPL Consulting CEO

Experience of ERP system implementation in HMS Group – Vasilevsky M.E., HMS Group CIO

  • ERP system implementation goals
  • Choosing the best management practices: why not 1C
  • Reorganization of processes: what has changed and why
  • Outline of tasks supported by Infor LN in the Trading company JSC “Hydromashservice”
  • Automation with Infor LN in the machinery plant