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Digital transformation of United Engine Corporation’s production

The information portal «Production Management» shared the material in which Valery Teplov, COO of JSC United Engine Corporation, spoke about the main stages of the agreed comprehensive plan for digitalization of JSC UEC production and the course of digital transformation of production in the corporation.

IPL Consulting is one of the partners of JSC UEC in the implementation of a comprehensive plan for the digital transformation of production. IPL Consulting implements a centralized production planning system and a comprehensive solution for production, logistics and quality management at several JSC UEC enterprises.

Author: Valery Teplov, COO, UEC JSC

To keep up with the leaders of our industry, we are carrying out a full-scale work on the digital transformation of production in the corporation. To take this work on a systemic nature, in February 2020, a comprehensive plan for the digitalization of the production of UEC JSC for the period up to 2021 was approved, coordinated with the relevant departments, as well as with the heads of UEC enterprises.

The activities of the plan were developed considering the current level of digitalization of production at UEC enterprises, as well as considering the priority of the tasks facing the corporation, primarily related to the implementation of the program “Transformation of the industrial model of UEC JSC” cycle in the Centers of Specialization. In preparation for the development of the plan, we understood that it is impossible to carry out a digital transformation of production without the availability of information systems that automate the main business processes. So, for example, without systems of classes ERP, CAD, CAM organization, it makes no sense to set the task of complex implementation of MES-systems. That is why, at the first stage, an audit of the current state of pilot projects and automated systems was planned, and based on its results, decisions were made on further steps.

As part of the comprehensive plan there were identified 7 main areas of digitalization, including:

  • Revision of the current state of pilot projects and automated systems at the enterprises of the corporation
  • Comprehensive assessment of production facilities to prepare for the implementation of the digitalization plan
  • Consolidation of production equipment into a single network
  • Implementation of applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the schedule of equipment maintenance and repair
  • Determination of the need and development of the implemented MES-systems to maintain the efficiency of the processes of operational scheduling and production dispatching
  • Consolidation of collected data and implementation of an integrated BI-system
  • Development of digital twins of production facilities

I am sure that the implementation of the activities of a comprehensive plan for the digitalization of the production will allow us to inextricably link in a single digital environment both the product development processes and all subsequent stages of the life cycle of the production of gas turbine engines, from both the processes of technological preparation of production, and ending with blank, mechanical assembly production, final assembly and testing products, which in the transition from the current appearance of the enterprise to the target state of the production model of JSC UEC will ensure the achievement of an outstripping growth rate of labor productivity, as well as contribute to the early launch of new types of products on the market.

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