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Doncasters signs ERP contract with Infor

Doncasters Group, a leading international manufacturer of high-precision alloy components, has selected Infor to support its IT transformation strategy through the implementation of a new ERP solution across its global, multi-site, multi-disciplinary manufacturing organisation. Doncasters has signed a five-year contract with an option to extend a further five years.

The Infor ERP solution will provide a modern company-wide, multi-tenant, cloud-based application, standardising many processes across Doncasters’ sites, covering aspects of production from pre-sales, through production and quality assurance, to delivery.

Simon Martle, Doncasters’ CFO commented: “Finding an ERP partner that could support complex manufacturing processes with a direct delivery approach to implementation was vital. Signing an agreement with Infor is a significant step as we pursue our strategic priority of modernising our IT systems in support of our long-term growth strategy.

“This ERP solution will provide benefits to Doncasters, our customers and our partners through enhanced business intelligence and real-time data, improved supply chain planning, better visibility of productivity and cost controls and a robust, cloud-based platform that improves our IT resilience.”

The programme will commence in February with the configuration of the ERP template for the Group’s largest facility at Bochum in Germany, which is expected to be implemented in early 2023, followed by group-wide completion in mid-2024.

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