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Flat cars produсed by United Wagon Company approved for operation on European Railway Network

Research and production corporation «United Wagon Company», Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars, has obtained the vehicle type approval for its Sggrs(s) 80’ six-axle and Sgmmns 40’ four-axle flat cars from the European Union Agency for Railways, which allows operation of the railcars on European railway network according to Directive (EU) 2016/797.

For the first time in modern Russian history, domestic freight cars will be operated in Europe on a gauge of 1435 mm. Company’s current order portfolio for European countries exceeds 1000 wagons.

The European Regulator issued the permit based on the results of freight car testing, production audit and series of certification tests for compliance with TSI, organized by the Czech Railway Research Institute (VUZ), an authorized certification body accredited by the European Union Agency for Railways. Russia-made flat cars designed to transport heavyweight containers in European countries have successfully passed the strength tests for static load and impact, stationary and in-motion brake tests, dynamic and strength testing in motion, and noise impact tests.

Moreover, as part of the technical acceptance process, the client’s representatives performed a comprehensive assessment of technical specifications of the series-built freight cars for compliance with European standards. Thus, over 100 key parameters of the Sggrs 80’ six-axle articulated flat car were assessed, including size checks, brake system tests, paintwork inspection and non-destructive weld control, etc.

The export Sggrs(s) 80’ and Sgmmns 40’ flat cars have been developed by the UWC’s engineering center and are manufactured at at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant.

Thanks to its articulated structure, Sggrs(s) 80’ flat car has a load capacity of 108 t and allows transportation of variously sized containers with a gross weight of up to 40 tonnes. The Sgmmns 40’ flat car features improved technical specifications compared to similar cars currently available on the European market, such as smaller tare weight of 15.5 t (compared with tare weights of 16 t and higher for its common counterparts). The flat car has a load capacity of 74.5 t and measures 40 feet in length. Both railcars are equipped with bogies with an axle load of 22.5 t fit for operation on the 1,435-mm track gauge. Congratulations to our client! We are proud of the high level of production manufactured by United Wagon Company using digital solutions for enterprises from IPL Consulting.

News source: UWC Press Office