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Huida Digitizes Operations with Infor LN for Business Efficiency

Huida Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd., one of the most well-known sanitary ware manufacturers in China, has rolled out Infor LN, an ERP solution purpose-built for manufacturers.

The move has enabled comprehensive standardization of business processes for Huida and 10 of its subsidiaries, reduced financial period closing time by 50%, while significantly improving production order evaluation times and warehousing financial processing.

The announcement took place at a media visit to Huida’s operations in Chongqing, China, where Huida, Infor and the Chongqing CIO Association hosted an exclusive event titled “Getting to Know Huida” to share the company’s digital transformation experience.

Streamlining fragmented operations with Infor

With two core production bases in Tangshan and Chongqing, Huida mainly produces sanitary ware, ceramic tiles and total sanitary ware, including bathtubs, shower rooms and bathroom cabinets, while ceramic tiles mainly comprise interior wall tiles and floor tiles. Huida’s marketing network spans more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a total of 2,323 stores in China, including 1,900 stores for Huida brand sanitary ware and 423 stores for Huida brand tiles.

Prior to the Infor LN go-live, Huida faced a slew of challenges, including disparate management strategies of the multiple companies that comprise the larger group that led to information silos. This caused inefficiencies, increased costs and poor resource utilization, and made them unable to keep up with Huida’s pace of development and future business expansion needs.

Go-live business outcomes

Huida is already deriving tremendous business benefits from the Infor LN rollout:

  • Standardization of end-to-end business processes across multiple subsidiaries, updating former management models and thus improving the flow of information between former disparate entities
  • Provision of accurate feedback and data to allow the group to streamline management operations
  • Reducing total cost of ownership (ToC) that is important in the initial stages of project implementation
  • ERP system is built into the core of the information system of the entire group, through which the upstream and downstream supply chain is connected, so that the management of the enterprise is more accurate and comprehensive

Growing into the future with Infor

Moving forward, Huida plans to leverage Infor LN to continue to streamline the outdated operational models that slowed the company down using its old management tools. Huida plans to build out an ERP system that will see it through its business transformation now and well into the future.

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