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IPL Consulting: 11 years of implementing information systems for digitalization of production

IPL Consulting is focused on the results of its customers in the transition to Industry 4.0 by way of improving their current production processes and introducing new digital production management models.

In 1Q2020, IPL Consulting received high recognition for its efforts.

Infor awarded IPL Consulting Gold Channel Partner status. For IPL Consulting customers, the Gold Channel Partner status means an increasing level of technical support and provision of high-quality services.

For the fourth time, IPL Consulting became a top-five IT company in Russia in the category “Best ERP Solutions Supplier for Industry” and was recognized as a leading supplier in the category “IT Solutions for Mechanical Engineering.”

IPL Consulting develops cooperation with industry communities and IT companies in Russia.

Thus, within the framework of cooperation with Zyfra, a Memorandum was signed on the development of a joint specialized solution for the digitalization of Russian machine-building enterprises based on the Infor LN ERP system.

In 2020, IPL Consulting became a Platinum Partner of SPb CIO Club, the largest IT community in Russia, which opens up opportunities to directly share experience and information within the expert community on the best digital tools for manufacturing companies.

Jointly with Infor, IPL Consulting became the Golden Partners of the conference “Information Technologies in Mechanical Engineering” (“Itmash-2020”) and supported the initiatives of the industry community and the digitalization development measures for the machine-building complex of the Russian Federation.

IPL Consulting actively supports its existing customers and launches new projects.

This year, HMS Group, a leading manufacturer of pumping equipment in Russia, announced the successful development of a production and supply chain management system based on Infor LN.

With the support of IPL Consulting specialists, the Russian division of DAB PUMPS, one of the industry leaders in the development, production, and sales of household and industrial pumps and pumping stations, successfully migrated to the new Infor LN 10.7 version.

Many projects are in their active stage at other customers of IPL Consulting.

Infor and IPL Consulting are actively developing new lines of business in Russia.

This year, IPL Consulting and Infor successfully implemented EAM activities in Russia and the Baltic States. We hope that in the foreseeable future these activities will be transformed into projects for the implementation of Infor EAM, a powerful digital asset management tool, at specific enterprises.

Factory repair management is characterized by a serious specificity that determines many functional features of the solution for the management and planning of production processes. IPL Consulting solution, developed on the basis of Infor LN exactly for this specificity, gained momentum this year and is ready for replication at enterprises that repair complex units.

This year was active in interaction with enterprises with order-based production, for which IPLC offers improved operational efficiency by solving complex tasks related to management and production flow optimization alongside tracking and planning of processes in the context of orders.

Happy birthday to IPL Consulting! We are confident that the coming years will be just as productive and successful for the company, no matter how the world changes around us.