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IPL Consulting was a general partner of the All-Russian Labor Productivity Award

On 10 October 2019, the Labor Productivity: Russian Industry Leaders – 2019 award event was held with the partner support of IPL Consulting.

The growth of productivity is certainly influenced by the production transformation and the emergence of fundamentally new services and business models that cannot be implemented without the use of IT, IoT, and cyber-physical systems. However, the key role is not technology itself, not the latest equipment, but rather the management quality and a sophisticated strategy. Using the experience gained in international projects and Infor products, which accumulated the best management practices, IPL Consulting helps its customers to transition to a better quality within the new paradigm.

The award is based on labor productivity indicators in various sectors of the Russian industry, as well as on interviews and relevant comments from experts and enterprise managers. 

More information concerning the award can be found in Production Management portal which arranged the award.