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Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” Scales Up Information System to Meet Requirements of Growing Business

Moscow, October 18, 2018 — Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC) scales up and expands the functionality of its enterprise information system based on the Infor LN. RPC UWC implemented all the Infor LN deployment projects with an active involvement of its long-time partner, IPL Consulting.

The Infor LN ERP system implementation started in 2011 at the stage of Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant construction as a freight cars manufacturer from car assembly production and in 2014 the plant was expanded to include foundry production. The company was faced with the task of creating a modern control system for a large industrial site with technological processes combining elements of process, discrete and in-line production with a high level of automation.

Today aggregate production capacities of the RPC UWC’s railcar plants equal 22,000 freight wagons and 30,000 casting car sets per year. the RPC UWC enterprise information system based on Infor LN, in addition to the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ), covers the TikhvinChemMash plant producing new generation tank cars, the production of Tikhvin SpetsMash specialized wagons, as well as unique innovation production of components of ductile iron and cutting blank production.

The comprehensive solution includes the Infor LN ERP system, Infor OS integration platform, Infor Barcode data collection system and production process analytics in Infor BI.

The general solution of a single information system for group of companies is implemented using the Infor LN Multisite multi-tier wide capabilities and enables to consolidate information flows from all separate RPC UWC business units into a unified financial and logistics circuit with centralized multi-level planning and independent cost centers.

Сurrently, in the UWC more than 2,000 users work in holding’s Infor LN-based enterprise system. A network of more than 150 mobile data collection terminals were deployed at the enterprise for online entry of information at the points of its occurrence. More than a thousand production orders are completed daily in the system; more than 10 thousand lines of warehouse operations are processed. Scheduling of production tasks is carried out on the basis of actual data, and the report on the task results of execution becomes available within a few minutes.

As part of the project, a unique automated system for foundry production quality management was developed and implemented. The high level of integration of the entire production management infrastructure, technological process control and quality management enable UWC to produce products that meet even higher demands compared with those imposed by Russian state and industry standards. Thanks to the ERP system, the holding can ensure high business growth,  quick introduction to the production of new product models  and remain an innovation leader in the industry.

“We needed an effective tool to manage a complex production environment with a deep level of the technological conversion,” says Vladislav Masenkov, IT Development Director at RPC UWC. “Using the Infor LN ERP system, we have managed to create an up-to-date management system that covers the automation circuit for production and logistics processes.”

“The Infor company has a vast experience of cooperation with global machine building giants. We are pleased that Infor best practices and standards have been successfully applied at one of the largest industrial sites in Russia,” comments Dmitry Martynov, official Infor representative in Russia and CIS.

The United Wagon Company is planning to continue its cooperation with Infor and use the ERP system capacities to expand production and develop the business.

About RPC “United Wagon Company” 

Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC) is one of the leaders in innovative railcar building in the territory of “1520 gauge”. The railway holding is an integrated provider of services in manufacturing, transportation, operating leasing, engineering and maintenance of freight cars with advanced technical and economic features.

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About Infor 

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