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The GMS Group develops supply chain and production management that is based on Infor LN

Moscow – April 15, 2020 – Infor, a leading provider of software applications with both cloud and local deployment for various business areas, reports the results of the successful development of its Infor LN-based supply chain and production management system at the GMS Group. The GMS Group, a vertically integrated holding with an advanced corporate management system, is one of the leading manufacturers of pumping and compressor equipment in the oil and gas complex, power generation, housing and public utilities, and the water sector in Russia and CIS countries, as well as a leading manufacturer of modular packaged oil-field equipment.

Для достижения своих стратегических целей, как один из инструментов, Группа ГМС использует To achieve its strategic goals, the GMS Group uses, as one of its tools, a multifunctional solution based on Infor LN and quite capable of optimizing supply chain management, production and project activities. Partnering with Infor, IPL Consulting and the GMS Group Competence Center, deployed the Infor LN system, which now covers JSC Gidromashservis, the Group’s joint trading company, and the key production asset of the Industrial Pumps Division. In the future, this solution is planned to be replicated at other enterprises of the Division and other companies of the GMS Group.

A key feature of the project is the transition to a unified centrally managed system maintaining normative reference data (NRD) implemented in the GMS Group with the use of Infor LN. The project was accompanied by the introduction of new classification and coding rules, as well as of organizational innovations to ensure timely and correct system users’ data entry locally.

Full-scale implementation of the ERP system at one of the most important production sites of the GMS Group covers the processes of planning and operational management of production, inventory, procurement, and shipment of finished products. All of the enterprise products are planned and traceable to Infor LN.

At the same time with the introduction of Infor LN, the GMS Group is introducing a PDM system, which shapes the entire production data base. The key enterprise project of the Industrial Pumps Division gave chance to finalize the process of simultaneous implementation of the two systems and their integration. This solution allowed optimizing the interaction between design services and production.

‘At the stage of choice, it was important for us that Infor LN was used by the world’s largest leaders in mechanical engineering, including manufacturers of pumps and compressors. It was essential for us that the system contained industry-specific optimal business processes and the best international practices in operational management and planning various types of production. Besides, the diverse capabilities of Infor LN in terms of managing a multi-link, geographically distributed group of companies in a single information loop also played a crucial role,’ remarked Mikhail Vasilevsky, Company’s IT Director. ‘The complicated challenges of the implementation project were resolved thanks to the great expertise of IPL Consulting staff and good collaboration with the GMS Group’s competence center.’

‘Creation of our customer’s own competence center facilitated the achievement of the implementation project results and made it possible to independently conduct part of the solution support activities – this was the goal we had hoped to achieve by handing over knowledge, best practices and methodologies to the Customer,’ says Vladimir Kapustin, Operations Director of IPL Consulting. ‘Our joint efforts in this project have successfully and fully solved a very painful problem for many Russian machine-building enterprises, that of operational interaction between the enterprise and the engineering center.’

‘Today’s market conditions pose difficult tasks for any Russian business: it is necessary to simultaneously achieve cost reductions and continuous improvement in product quality. Infor solutions, used for decades in complex production industries, help our clients achieve success by meeting these challenges,’ said Dmitry Martynov, Infor official representative in Russia and CIS. ‘Our software helps clients adapt to any changes as rapidly as possible, ensures visibility of production processes, and expands accounting, planning, and procurement capabilities.’

The GMS Group plans to develop the system, as well as consistently implement it at production sites in all divisions of the Group.