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The third webinar in the series Industry 4.0. in Custom Production

’Industry 4.0. Management and Planning tools in Custom Production. A solution for mechanical engineering and instrument making.’

The webinar will be held on July 6, 2020, at 12:00 Moscow time.

Why are we planning, for the third time, to share our vision of Industry 4.0 paradigm and talk about the main strategies for enterprises to transition to digital production? For us, the answer is obvious: the heads of successful Russian enterprises are interested, and we are ready to share our expertise in building cutting-edge processes of production management necessary for the digital transformation of industrial companies. Let us consider some winning cases. Taking several enterprises as examples, we’ll demonstrate our approaches to solving planning tasks in Custom Production for various strategies: Engineering-to-Order (ETO), Manufacturing-to-Order (MTO), and Assembly-to-Order.

In the webinar, we’ll discuss in detail:

  • Features of planning and management of production for machine-building and instrument-making Russian enterprises
  • Production planning for enterprises operating in different production strategies: Engineering-to-Order (ETO), Manufacturing-to-Order (MTO), and Assembly-to-Order
  • Forecasting and modeling the demand for enterprise products
  • Modeling production constraints. Procedure for accepting new orders taking into account production constraints
  • Methods to determine the planned date of production and shipment of finished products
  • Generation of enterprise product range and procurement plans
  • Calculation of labor intensity relating to the generated plan
  • Dispatching and management of manufacturing orders
  • Cases of implementation of various methods on three planning horizons within the Infor LN system.

The next webinar in the series Management and Planning Tools in Contract Manufacturing is scheduled for September and will cover Project Management in Custom Production (Engineering-to-Order).