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Webinar: Industry 4.0. Management and planning tools in custom production

Industry 4.0. Management and Planning tools in Custom Production. A solution for automotive component manufacturers’

The webinar will be held on May 21, 2020, at 12:00 Moscow time.

It’s time to show a better performance and roll out leader-proven industry-specific solutions without wasting time and money on experiments of coding one’s own unique systems.

Join the webinar to learn more about operational production management and planning methods in the Industry 4.0 paradigm or about approaches to planning for different types of custom production.

At the webinar on May 21, 2020, we’ll discuss:

  • organization of the process of end-to-end synchronous planning of production and procurement. Calculation of supply schedule feasibility
  • using a unified solution to support various production facilities: aggregate assembly, welding, machining, stamping, molding, as well as scaling the system
  • structural features of the planning and management system for production and logistics in accordance with the Global MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guideline and Logistics Evaluation) standard developed by the international automotive associations AIAG and Odette;
  • tools to support interoperability rules in accordance with international OEM and Tier 1 &Tier 2 supplier standards
  • EDI (electronic data interchange standards), automatic information processing and consumer notification
  • The implementation of LEAN principles in cooperation with car manufacturers:
    • JIS schedules (Just-In-Sequence – strictly in the order of the assembly line production)
    • JIT (Just-in-Time) schedules and KANBAN
    • VMI (Vendor Management Inventory)