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Webinar Three Methods to Improve the Maintenance and Management of Fixed Assets at the Enterprise

The webinar Three Methods to Improve Maintenance and Fixed Asset Management at the Enterprise is aimed primarily at food manufacturers.

Date and time: October 7, 2020, at 12:00 p.m.

Efficient management of fixed assets requires powerful digital tools to help optimize the processes in accordance with the industry-specific standards and global best practices. The solution for enterprise fixed asset management (EAM solution) is the key to making this happen.

Best-in-class EAM systems, such as Infor EAM, enable us to analyze the condition of equipment and predict failures of a piece of equipment within a given planning horizon by forewarning of the risks of potential equipment failures.

Join our online event to learn:

  • how to manage the risks of production shutdowns with an EAM solution;
  • whether it is possible to calculate in advance which piece of equipment will fail and when;
  • whether it is possible to accurately forecast equipment failures;
  • what does digital passport issuing for equipment secure;
  • how much money can be saved through efficient management of fixed assets?