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Infor EAM

Infor EAM is a specialized asset management platform for large industrial enterprises that helps optimize asset management to achieve new levels of efficiency.

The wide range of Infor EAM features meets the most demanding requirements of enterprises in various industries and the needs of a particular business.

The solution allows you to increase the production capacity of the enterprise without resorting to purchasing new equipment by increasing the efficiency of assets, reducing the cost of unscheduled repairs and reducing equipment failures.

Infor EAM features:

  • Certification of fixed assets with registration of technical, graphic, financial information, specifications and the allocation of critical assets
  • Scheduling, scheduling and scheduling of maintenance and repair work using PPR schedules or dynamic indicators
  • Registration of all actions carried out with the equipment, and actual data on the costs of performing these actions in a single database
  • Inventory accounting of spare parts and materials required for maintenance work
  • Management of personnel involved in MRO: formation of schedules, registration of specialties, admissions, qualifications, rates
  • Procurement management: processing applications for replenishment and formation of purchase orders, maintaining a register of suppliers, registering contracts and invoices, registering receipts
  • Generation of reports in all areas of equipment maintenance management based on data from the production assets management system, as well as data from third-party systems
  • Control of access rights, provision of information taking into account the needs of a particular user, organization of a convenient user interface
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, MES systems, GIS, financial and warehouse systems, diagnostic tools, process control systems, design and visualization of assets

Infor EAM complies with industry standards and requirements for asset management and maintenance: ISO-55000, ISO-14224, 21CFR11, EN-15380, NEN-2767.

Unlike niche solutions that cannot grow with the company, or ERP modules that require time-consuming rework, Infor EAM can easily replicate and scale, changing with the company and in line with new business goals. The solution can be deployed on the customer’s equipment, in a private cloud, or in the Infor cloud on the computing power of Amazon Web Services.

Infor EAM’s modular design not only provides users with the tools they need to manage asset maintenance operations, but also the means to optimize their performance and utilization.

Infor EAM includes the following functional modules within a single application:

  • Fixed asset management
  • Management of materials and warehouse of spare parts for MRO purposes
  • Management of procurement of equipment, spare parts and materials, services of contractors
  • Maintenance and Repair management
  • Equipment inspection management
  • Calibration management of metrological equipment
  • Project management
  • MRO budgeting
  • Service contract management for outsourcing structures
  • MRO visualization
  • Fleet management
  • Call Center Automation

Infor EAM users can extend the functionality of the solution with a set of additional capabilities. As a rule, the need for them appears due to the specifics of the industry, in the presence of remote work sites, in relations with suppliers and contractors, in connection with the requirements for data analysis and reporting.

 Infor EAM Mobile 

The unique architecture, user-friendly interface, and the lack of device-specific client workstations simplify the use of Infor EAM.

The built-in Infor EAM Mobile module provides access to the main database both online and offline and allows users to work from remote sites using smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to this module, repair personnel are not tied to specific work terminals, but perform data entry directly from the work site, whether it is performing MRO operations, reading meter readings or entering the results of inspections and calibrations