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Infor OS

Infor OS (formerly Infor Xi) is a single platform solution that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust integration environment and serves as the backbone of the entire business ecosystem.

Infor OS integrates business processes and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver agile application development and an overall data strategy – all built using service design principles in a single, familiar interface that allows customers to feel free to use and have the flexibility of a cloud solution.

Infor OS allows users to trust and sustain the output without multiple disparate technology solutions to manage and deploy.

Infor OS powers the entire enterprise by bringing collaboration, analytics, integration, mobility, and document management into one platform. 

Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network)

How much precious time that could be used to grow their business do companies spend trying to get their disparate systems to work together?

Infor ION represents a new concept for business software that replaces traditional middleware solutions with a speedy, lightweight connective structure that adds new levels of intelligence and sophistication to existing business technology.

With Infor ION, you can easily integrate your Infor and non-Infor enterprise systems, whether they’re on premise, in the cloud, or both. A true integration platform as a service (iPaaS) platform, Infor ION is a cloud-native application, built using HTML5 and open-source technologies. With everything in the browser, no plug-ins are required to use Infor ION.

Infor ION serves as a bonding layer that allows you to:

  • Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications
  • Create workflows and alerts that greatly improve exception management
  • Design, monitor or modify business processes without IT involvement
  • Link applications to events in your business processes
  • Easily control the business processes of your enterprise

The Infor ION Suite embodies a new software concept that replaces traditional cross-platform solutions with fast, lightweight integration architecture that brings new levels of intelligence to the existing enterprise information infrastructure. This architecture is faster to implement and easier to use. In addition, the cost of ownership of such a solution is much lower than that of any other solution based only on middleware. Infor ION offers a powerful combination of contextual business intelligence, general reporting and analysis, workflow optimization, and business monitoring in a single consistent architecture.

Infor Ming.le

Infor Ming.le – combines all the resources of the enterprise into a single information platform, allowing users to work from anywhere.

All notifications, alerts and tasks coming from Infor ION are displayed on one user page, which allows you to respond faster to events and not lose important details.

The ability to go from the notification feed to any Infor system in one click makes the work of users much easier and faster.

Employees can easily share links to objects across all connected Infor systems by simply publishing them to their feed. In this case, only authorized users to whom the published messages are intended will have access to the feed.

A single interface for all connected applications creates the feeling of working in one global system, users may not notice how they move from one system to another while working in Ming.le.

Consistency makes it easier to find standard actions in systems, makes it easier to train new users and learn new functionality, thanks to the common location of all controls.

Thanks to the Infor API, Ming.le works perfectly on any mobile device (including smartwatches), allowing employees to constantly monitor the life of the company and quickly respond to any events that arise.

Infor Ming.le has tools to quickly create templates for work in the company that are done outside of corporate systems. Thanks to this, many workflows can be clearly standardized in Ming.le.

Infor Homepages

Infor Homepages – User home pages that display all relevant information.

Home pages aggregate the information the user needs on one page, which allows users to quickly navigate the current situation and make the right decisions.

Infor Document Management

Infor Document Management is a central document repository that allows you to quickly add and edit any documents. Link documents to system objects and display them in the context of the system using Infor Ming.le.

Infor Business Vault

Business Vault is a single, streamlined, indestructible data warehouse. Tool for putting data from BOD into a relational database. It provides a unified source for all data flowing through the ION, making it a good platform for reporting and business intelligence. Infor Business Vault uses an event-driven model for synchronization, data is synchronized the moment a transaction is executed on the original system.

Infor API

The Infor API provides a wide range of integration capabilities with Infor mobile, cloud, web and server applications.