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Business process audits and improvement of operational efficiency

We strive to improve the efficiency of our customers, and to help them both improve their manufacturing processes and optimize business management.

Automation of inefficient processes cause delays and loss of customers and financials. That’s why it is so important to improve processes that don’t work properly before implementing manufacturing management software.

Our projects are primarily aimed at the following main indicators of the operational efficiency of industrial enterprise:

  • Terms of order execution (from order acceptance to shipment or delivery to the customer)
  • Throughput
  • Cost
  • Percentage of Defective (Scrap) Products
  • The level of non-production stocks and work-in-progress
  • The number of unplanned equipment downtime
  • The level of MRO costs

We propose to conduct an audit of processes before implementation of information systems. Analysis of the compliance of current processes with the best industry practices allows to identify the processes requiring changes and develop a roadmap for the transition to improved processes.

The implementation of the ERP system with integrated industry functionality as the next step would help you to maintain the optimized processes successfully making them visible and flexible.