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Implementation and integration of digital tools

IPL Consulting develops and implements solutions for industry and offers a full range of services for the creation of corporate information systems for industrial enterprises based on Infor software.

Our choice of Infor as the main strategic partner and supplier of business applications is due to the best functionality of solutions and the most advanced technologies developed by this vendor.

Infor technology guarantee easy deployment and a comprehensive set of components for secure, stable and reliable integration between heterogeneous systems in the corporate ecosystem.

Integration capabilities meet the basic needs of enterprises:

  • A single managed proxy layer for your APIs on the Internet
  • Using industry-specific security standards, such as Oauth2
  • The ability to extend the API without compromising the main processes
  • The ability to link your APIs to implement new complex functions
  • Automation of complex ecosystem management processes
  • Hybrid integrations with third-party clouds using the API
  • Boost performance due to innovative features

In Infor solutions, adaptability to changes and high speed of work are included at the level of architecture, which is built on open standards and “light” technologies that guarantee maximum freedom and a quick return on investment.

The most important component of the successful project, in addition to the functionality of products and the latest technologies, is the implementation methodology.

Implementation methodology

The methodology of SIM implementation represents the transition from the standard processes of the reference model to the optimal model of the company by the sequential approximation method.

The industry-specific reference models of the processes included in the Infor LN DEM Content Pack are developed driven by the experience of the largest LN customers and using DEM (Dynamic Enterprise Modeling) and reference process models.

Infor LN DEM Content Pack allows you to:

  • To get access to ready-made business processes during implementation and roll them out by changing ready-made standard business processes, rather than designing them anew    
  • To speed up the configuration of the project model of processes and systems to meet the requirements of the customer’s business.

The efficiency of implementation is significantly increased due to the use of end-to-end business scenarios (cumulative sets of business processes used to achieve the specified goals):

  • End-to-end business scenario describes a related set of actions (business processes) used to achieve specified goals
  • All project activities are divided into interrelated business scenarios that are performed sequentially or in parallel
  • Within each end-to-end business scenario, the stages SIM 1 – SIM2 – SIM3 and operation maintenance are performed sequentially