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High Tech & Electronics

Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Enterprise is the leading suite of manufacturing ERP systems for top-tier, high-tech manufacturers and related applications, integrated and delivered in a multi-tenant cloud.

The scalable and secure Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Enterprise solution is available both for deployment in the AWS® cloud and for on-premises implementation. The solution meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and supports IoT, AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, and provides an opportunity to build a corporate social environment and personalize operation interfaces based on roles and industry KPIs.

Infor’s ERP solution for most critical challenges of High Tech & Electronics helps manufacturers to: 

  • Promptly introduce new products to the market
  • Reduce the production cycle
  • Promptly prepare tender proposals: сonfigure, price, quote
  • Effectively manage quality
  • Ensure transparency of the end-to-end supply chain
  • Provide processes agility to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Functional advantages of Infor solution for High Tech & Electronics:

  • Configuration and changes management in design processes and Engineering Documents of products
  • A modern product lifecycle management tool
  • Product configurator with a pre-sale estimate of the cost and lead time
  • Built-in CRM and order management
  • Production planning and scheduling capabilities for different types of production
  • Capability to track batches and serial numbers
  • Commingling and splits of production orders
  • Capability to combine forecast-oriented custom production management of unified components and management of units and components assembly to order
  • Quality management, built-in analysis of quality deviations impact on the result
  • Capability to manage an international distribution network in sync with production sites
  • Multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Cost management in the context of customer orders

The solution improves productivity, planning and manufacturing accuracy to improve quality while reducing costs

  • Comprehensive support of various production models at the same enterprise (engineer-to-order, modification-to-order, production-to-order, assembly-to-order)
  • Automation of dispatching and human resource management
  • Management of the timing of order fulfillment and delivery of materials to order
  • Synchronization of project management with production management
  • Possibility to combine production orders with their simultaneous tracking in terms of customer orders
  • Optimization of equipment utilization and management of the equipment and assets throughput

The solution allows to increase the service maintenance profitability due to the built-in MRO management functionality and warranty service capabilities throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

Industry leaders choose Infor solutions:


Italian brand of professional LED lighting and design has implemented Infor LN as part of a digital transformation strategy.

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The second largest electronics contract manufacturer in the world. The company has manufacturing operations in over 40 countries, totalling about 200,000 employees.

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The company specializes in the provision of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for world-renowned brand names of electrical and electronic products. Since March 2012, EG Industries Berhad is one of the top 50 EMS providers in the United States, according to Global Manufacturing Marketing Insider.

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Multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets. Thales has 80,000 employees and operations in more than 56 countries.

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