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Industrial Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 puts forward new requirements for production and management methods. Enterprises of the industrial machinery and equipment industry face the following challenges:

  • Unstable demand and ever-increasing number of requests for unique features and personalization of manufactured products
  • High complexity of supply chains
  • Reduced lead times
  • Increased requirements for after-sales services

The Industrial Machinery & Equipment industry solution helps manufacturers transform their business processes by streamlining them and making them more flexible and allows:

  • Reduce the development and manufacturing lead time of customized products
  • Optimally manage product configurations
  • More accurately plan and promise to customers realistic lead times
  • Reduce stock and order fulfillment costs
  • Improve responsiveness to changes

The solution is based on in-depth industry experience, it incorporates global best practices of production management and provides an opportunity to solve specific issues of various sub-industries, including:


  • Heavy machinery
  • Industrial equipment manufacturing
  • Industrial machinery
  • Transport Engineering
  • Production of special-purpose machinery

Functional advantages of Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment:

  • Production management and planning with the possibility of combining different strategies: Engineer-to-Order, Manufacture-to-Order, Modification-to-Order, Assembly-to-Order, Manufacture-to-Stock
  • Efficient demand and supply planning through complex supply chain visibility and multiple restocking methods
  • Efficient operational production planning and dispatching
  • More accurate data-driven demand forecasting capabilities
  • Planning and management of long-cycle stocks
  • Operational production management with online tracking of execution and order support
  • Full operational transparency with the online deviation notification system
  • Capability to track configuration at the final assembly of the product
  • Product Specification Management Capability to maintain an end-to-end unique structure of specifications from design and planning to production and service
  • Capability to automatically create a specification using the configurator when accepting and discussing an order
  • Automated configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities
  • Management of critical equipment utilization and throughput capacity of equipment and work centers
  • Financial analytics with the ability to collect production and assembly costs
  • Cost management in the context of orders, determining the actual profitability of the contract
  • Quality management and labor safety compliance
  • Built-in CRM and order management
  • Multisite, multi-logistics inventory planning

In the production of unique products, Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment solution supports:

  • Configuration and change management in product design, process specification of manufactured products
  • Product lifecycle management based on modern PLM tool
  • Function of the project pre-sale cost and timing assessment
  • Project management
  • Сonvenient visualization of WBS, scheduling, cost calculation, and the possibility of detailed project mapping

The solution allows you to build a reliable and visually convenient reporting system on the basis of integrated data from different sources.

Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment helps to increase the profitability of service maintenance of sold products due to the built-in MRO management functionality and warranty service capabilities throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

Infor Industrial Machinery & Equipment is available for both deployment and maintenance in the AWS® cloud, as well as for on-premises implementation.

Cloud-based, industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing software solution enables Industry 4.0 capabilities:

  • Last mile, industry-specific functionality
  • Scalable and secure cloud with extensibility for personalisation instead of customisation
  • Multi-tenant deployment in the AWS® cloud
  • IoT, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics
  • Social collaboration, role-based homepages, and industry-specific KPIs

World leaders in the production of machinery and equipment choose the industry solution based on Infor LN:


A major manufacturer of equipment for oil refining and petrochemicals and part of Koch Industries with revenues exceeding $100 billion.

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One of the world’s largest pump manufacturers with over $5 billion in revenues.

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Leading international manufacturer of airport and cargo handling equipment. Revenues in excess of $2 billion.

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The world’s leading developer and manufacturer of the equipment, automation, and services for the pulp and paper, and power industries with over €3.5 billion in revenues.

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