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Shipbuilding. Construction & Engineering

The shipbuilding and heavy engineering industry are characterized by project manufacturing with long development and construction cycles, high capital intensity of products.

The industry solution for Shipbuilding and Heavy Engineering provides transparency of the shipbuilding planning and management system and helps reducing construction time and period of covering capital outlays. The solution helps to optimize the project management processes and the program of the enterprise projects. It enables to control the costs and deadlines of projects to comply with the terms of existing contracts.

Unique solutioncapabilities for shipbuilding and heavy engineering:

  • Synchronization of design processes and Engineering Document Management with production
  • Operational management of design and operational documents development
  • Maintains project and engineering documentation integrity, monitor workflows, provide project status in real-time
  • Integration with top-tier project planning systems (Primavera, MS Project, Open Plan)
  • Integration with PDM systems
  • Management of project works with detalization by its composition (WBS). Maintaining a single end-to-end work schedule
  • Management of project costs within the context of object elements
  • Management of project’s resourcesand materials budgets, labor input budgets
  • Planning of procurement and production in accordance with project schedules and needs of the project work
  • Management of project’s inventory with borrowing/reimbursement options
  • Support of separate inventory accounting 
  • Management of the flat-rolled production process
  • Creation and management of suppliers database
  • Real-time monitoring of project costs and efficiency
  • Project contract management
  • Support of quality control business processes

The solution allows you to build a reliable and visually friendly executive reporting system based on integrated data from different sources. Reports can be created to manage both individual projects and project portfolios and include a set of standard industry metrics for evaluating and predicting project execution.

The world’s leading shipbuilders choose industry solution based on Infor LN:


A Dutch shipbuilding company, part of the Damen Shipyards Group. Royal Schelde has been involved in most projects for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s new surface combatants. 

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A Danish shipbuilding company specializing in designing and building container ships.

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Indian State Shipbuilding Company.  To date it has built 167 vessels, including barges, tugs, landing craft, offshore patrol vessels and other vessels for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard and for export to countries like Yemen.

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